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Pure Water

We install and service


We offer the best products available that will combat Calgary’s hard water and not break the bank.

We install and service


A water softener from Pure Water Company will solve the issue of hard water spots or scale build up around your faucets!


Our units remove chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides and more. We have many different options to suit all troubled water issues.

Our Water Softeners are the best product on the market.

We stock many different styles, colors and finishes. You’ll find the water cooler you’re looking for!

Come visit us at our location and we can fill your empty bottles at our Water Fill Station.  The Drinking Water Fill Station is deionizing and run through 7 and 8 (di) stage filter systems ensuring your water is the absolute highest quality possible.

We offer high quality locally manufactured distillers. We can supply you with all your distiller maintenance needs.

We specializes in well water treatment. Smell and discoloured water are not things you need to live with or drink.


We can remove chlorine from your water, our systems start at very affordable prices.

We specialize in servicing water softeners and changing your water filter on your drinking water system.

Free Water

Covid-19 Safety Protocols in Place

We can help bring Cleaner & Safer water into your home. It is easy and more convenient than ever with in-home consultations by one of our water experts.


Our customers are important to us. Pure Water Company will call or email you to let you when your filters are due for a change. This means you don’t have to try to remember when you last changed your filter, or worry that your filters are too old.